Cauliflower Orkney F1

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Enjoy fresh Cauli from your garden in the early summer (and late spring too!) with this versatile smaller cauli that is suited to closer spacing – ideal for little gardens.  You can sow either sow these in September/October and over winter in the ground and use cloches just while they settle in.  Being versatile you can also try them sown in January/February with warmth (again use cloches once you transplant them) or a little later sow in March or April – these will give you a later crop. 

Price for 18 seeds


SOW: either in September or October to overwinter but you can sow in Jan/Feb with warmth (take care acclimatising these) or March/April.  We start our cauliflowers 1.5-2cm deep in pots or modules under cover to give them a good root system


GROW transplant about 6 weeks after sowing to final position in firm ground.  Use cloches while they settle in in winter/early spring.  Orkney can be close spaced at 25cm (perfect for smaller and small gardens).   Cut the curds when they are tight and firm – they can be as quick as 9-10 weeks from planting out, overwintered crops can be ready from March


EAT: raw or cooked.  To Freeze – separate into even sized florets, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge into cold water then drain and pack into the portion size that you prefer.

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