Cauliflower Candid Charm F1

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Candid Charm F1 is a splendid cauili, upright dark green leaves give excellent curd protection. The pure white dome head can weigh up to 900g. Some cauliflowers are renowned for being slow but this is not one of them: from a spring sowing these cauliflowers can be ready in just over 10 weeks! Price for 18 seeds

SOW: during March and April. We start all our cauliflowers in pots or modules under cover to give them a good root system.

GROW: transplant as soon as they are large enough (2 good leaves) position in firm ground and space at about 50cm apart. Regular watering is essential; cauliflowers do not like to get dry. This variety can be harvested about 10 weeks after transplanting

EAT: lovely fresh from the garden, also good for freezing. To Freeze – separate into even sized florets, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack into portions.

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