Cauliflower Amazing

Cauliflower Amazing

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CAULIFLOWER AMAZING ~ a classic with a dense crisp texture and hearty flavour 18 seeds SOW: March to May for harvest from late August to November. We start all our cauliflowers in pots or modules under cover to give them a good root system & then transplant. GROW: after 6 weeks transplant at about 50cm apart to their final position in firm ground. They like a fertile soil but fresh manure will make them grow leaves not curds! Regular watering is essential; cauliflowers do not like to get dry. Cut the curds when they are tight and firm – don’t leave them on the plant too long. EAT: raw or cooked. To Freeze – separate into even sized florets, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack into portions.

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