Carrot Stomboli F1

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Stromboli F1 stands out from the crowd even though it is carrot coloured, carrot shaped & carrot flavoured!  Rich orange, blunt rooted and firm crisp & sweet. These gently tapered roots never seem to crack nor do they break when trying to lift them from less than perfect soil (harvesting August through to Christmas)   Price for 150 seeds.

SOW:  from spring through to mid-summer (April to July). They do best in well dug, weed free open ground.  It is easiest to make a drill 10mm deep and scatter the seeds along this before lightly covering.  Try and sow thinly as your carrots need space to grow.

GROW:  If you need to thin your carrots then try and do it late in the evening when the aroma of the disturbed plants is less likely to attract carrot flies.  Maincrop carrots such as Stromboli mature in 18-24 weeks, they need this time to grow into larger carrots, longer carrots (max 22cm). 

EAT: pull from August to Christmas. Their size means that they dry more slowly making them a good choice for storing

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