Carrot Nominator F1

£0.60 / pack(s)

Nominator F1 has lovely smooth cylindrical roots with a good flavour!  It is a top choice for very early sowing. The foliage is relatively short making them suitable for under cloches which will be needed for the earliest sowings from Jan through the spring.  Spring & summer sowings best in the open.  Price for 150 seeds

SOW: at no more than 10mm deep, the soil needs to be well dug to a fine texture for the best roots.  Start in spring for summer crops, late spring and early summer for autumn harvest.  Very early sowings in January or February need to be in a under cloches with ends. 

GROW:  carrots like to be kept weed free – they don’t like the competition.  Allow about 12-18 weeks for them to reach a good size. They are short topped so won’t produce masses of greenery: this also means they do well under cloches

EAT: the smooth cylindrical roots make them a doddle to clean and they are tasty.  Carrots freeze well so it is easy to manage your crop.

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