Carrot Nigel F1

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For the best harvest, heavy crops of lovely firm cylindrical bright orange carrots, sow from April to mid-June but can be started earlier or sown later in milder areas. These have a great flavour, they can also store well over the winter: an all round winner.  Price for 150 seeds.

SOW: at no more than 10mm deep. In March warm the soil with the cloches before sowing, from April you can sow in the open.  You can sow Nigel tight up to July/August time (helps to avoid carrot fly).  Dig the soil well first & sow sparingly to avoid the need for too much thinning. 

GROW: keep moist and weed free – they don’t like the competition.  Nigel can be harvested from June to November.

EAT: enjoy fresh from the garden, from store or from frozen: versatile all round winner.  To Freeze - slice or dice larger carrots, freeze baby carrots whole, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge in cold water, drain and pack into convenient sized potions.

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