Carrot Bolero F1

Carrot Bolero F1

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CARROT BOLERO F1 ~ strong cylindrical roots, up to 20cm long, matched with strong foliage to help pull them up! 150 seeds SOW: March to August. Remember to dig the soil thoroughly. Sow sparingly to avoid the need for too much thinning. Sowing in early spring before mid-March (warm the soil with the cloches) or after late June can help avoid carrot fly trouble. GROW: Keep moist and weed free – they don’t like the competition. Bolero can be harvested between 12 & 20 weeks from sowing, from June to November with the last few carrots lasting into December. EAT: Enjoy the flavour when pulled fresh from the garden. Bolero is a good choice for a storage carrot in clamps or boxes. Freezing is easy too - slice or dice larger carrots, baby carrots can be frozen whole.

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