Carrot Atomic Red

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This fabulous carrot is high in lycopene (often thought of as only being in tomatoes) and when cooked it will deepen in colour to almost blood red. Bring out the colour and flavour by steaming, baking, roasting or popping into a stew. They are an excellent variety for carrot soup, don’t forget to grow the coriander too. Price for 150 seeds

SOW: from March to July, but early spring before mid-March (warm the soil with the cloches) or from July can avoid the worst of the carrot fly. Remember to dig the soil thoroughly. Sow sparingly, no more than 10mm deep, to avoid the need for too much thinning.

GROW: keep moist and weed free – they don’t like the competition. Harvest 10-12 weeks from sowing.

EAT: the colour deepens when cooked and you will see why Atomic Red earned its name! Cooking also makes the lycopene easier for your body to absorb. Try them steamed, baked or roasted. Pop them into a stew or use for a super soup - don’t forget to grow some coriander!

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