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Tastes so good
from on 04/09/2018
This is the third year I have tried this. The first year I was way to late sowing the seeds so got no fruit. Last year was better but i didn't thin out the plant so not that many fruits ripened.This year I was early sowing and planting out - I again forgot to thin out the plant but I have got lots of fruit ripening and they taste fantastic - really sweet and juicy. I will definitely grow next year.
An excellent addition to my food growing space
from on 18/12/2015
I started my plant with these seeds in spring 2013. It's growing outside (in a pot) in the community garden so no protection from the weather but it survived winter 2013 and 2014. It fruits well in August/September, small harvests but would be more if planted in the ground. A very pretty plant with soft velvety leaves and green lanterns that turn brown when the fruit is ready for picking.

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