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For the tastiest autumn crop choose Zen. It is a little slower to mature then others (13-15 weeks from transplanting) and rewards with a high domed deep green head full of flavour.  Zen is particularly suited for autumn harvesting because the high dome drains rain away for the head and being resistant to downy mildew helps it cope better in damper autumn weather It also makes it a very good choice both for growing under a mesh or in a polytunnel both of which restrict airflow.  Polytunnel growers can also sow a little later for a December crop – fresh calabrese for Christmas.  Price for 20 seeds


SOW: to enjoy the best features of Zen sow in May, June or July (can sow earlier for an earlier crop or in August if using a polytunnel). Start in pots or modules 1.5-2cm deep to make transplanting easy. Sowing time guidance as follows

Sow May, transplant June, expected harvest from mid September

Sow June, transplant July expected harvest from mid October

Sow July, transplant August, expected harvest from mid November

Later sowing only in a polytunnel - August, transplant September, expected harvest December

Earlier sowing is also possible in March and April


GROW: transplant to their growing position when 10-15cm tall (about a month from sowing) and allow 30-45cm between plants.  As with all calabrese don’t let them dry out and use a mesh or fine net to protect them from caterpillars. Cut the head just before the flowers open, 13-15 weeks from transplanting, look out for the regrowth of smaller tasty sideshoots


EAT: best lightly steamed or stir-fried and fresh from the garden (or freeze your own)

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