Calabrese Waltham naturally nurtured seed

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We have discovered that Waltham copes well in drier weather.  It is a good quality sprouting variety, giving you a small central head and lots of tasty side shoots over a long autumn cropping period. Sow May-June for Aug/Sept onwards.  Price for 20 seeds

SOW: in May/June.  We like to start them in pots, seed depth 10mm.  Harden off before planting out at the 2/3 leaf size.

GROW: they need to be about 35cm apart.  They like regular watering whilst they establish, after that they can cope with dry spells.  ‘Baby’ heads can be cut after about 10 weeks or leave to grow on larger and cut just before the flowers open (August/September).  The plant will go on to produce broccoli like side shoots into the autumn. Picking regularly will encourage more shoots.

EAT:  we like to lightly steam our calabrese and enjoy it fresh but it can also be frozen. 

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