Calabrese Marathon F1

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This lovely calabrese has mid sized, attractive blue/green, fine grained heads. Being an adaptable type it tolerates the cold well, making it a good choice for more northern gardeners and is suited to early or late sowings. This means it can be sown from March through to June as an early or July/August for a later crop allowing about 10-15 weeks growing time. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: perfect for successional sowing every 2 weeks or so as Marathon F1 can be started from March to August.  We like to start them in pots, 10mm deep, and plant out at the 2/3 leaf size.  They can reach harvest stage in about 10-14 weeks. 

GROW: do not let them dry out – becoming thirsty upsets them.    Cut the bluish-green head before the flowers open, and it will then produce smaller side shoots that are also for harvesting. Picking regularly will encourage more shoots. 

EAT:  we like to lightly steam our calabrese and enjoy it fresh but it can also be frozen.  To Freeze – blanch for 2 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack.

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