Calabrese Fiesta F1 naturally nurtured seed

Calabrese Fiesta F1 naturally nurtured seed

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This AGM winner is an impressive variety, really high quality solid heads that taste great.  The stems are strong so it is easy to cut off the first head (harvesting can start 11-12 weeks from sowing) and then the side shoots will appear.  An excellent choice for spring or summer sowing.   

Price for 20 seeds. 

SOW: start seeds in pots for planting out at the 2/3 leaf stage.  For an early crop sow in March, these will harvest in June and July.  The main crop is sown May and June, harvesting starts after 11-12 weeks                       


GROW: transplant seedlings about 35cm apart (harden off early crops first).  The strong stems make is easy to cut the first head, the plants will go on to produce broccoli like side shoots that are also for harvesting - picking these regularly will encourage  even more shoots.


EAT: lightly steam Fiesta for the best flavour and most nutrients.  Smaller side shoots can be steamed or stir fried. Fiesta can be frozen – blanch for 2 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack.

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