Calabrese Covina F1 naturally nurtured seed

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Covina F1 will reward you with lovey firm dark green heads - ready 11-12 weeks after transplanting.  The harvest window is July to November but with a very early protected sowing you could see your first tasty heads in June Price for 20 seeds


SOW: Covina can be sown from March to June.  You can sow in February with protection (or indoors). Best started in pots or modules 1.5-2cm deep.  Sow in succession to spread out your harvest as follows

Sow Feb, transplant March, expected harvest June (only possible with good protection)

Sow March, transplant April, expected harvest July

Sow April, transplant May, expected harvest August

Sow May, transplant June, expected harvest September

Sow June, transplant July expected harvest October

Sow July, transplant August, expected harvest November


GROW: transplant to their growing position when 10-15cm tall (use cloches to protect early sowings) and allow about 45cm between plants.  As with all calabrese don’t let them dry out and use a mesh or fine net to protect them from caterpillars. Cut the head just before the flowers open, plants will then grow some more little side shoots


EAT: lightly steam or stir-fry calabrese and enjoy it the flavour fresh.  We love serving it with a cheese or a tomato sauce which allows all the flavours to be enjoyed.

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