Calabrese Belstar F1 naturally nurtured seed

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A productive and tasty choice, lovely flavour, that can crop throughout the summer and autumn. Belstar is also a disease resistant variety. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: from late March to June, in pots for planting out at the 2/3 leaf stage.        

GROW: harden off and plant about 35cm apart.  They like regular watering in dry periods.  ‘Baby’ heads can be cut after about 10 weeks or leave to grow on larger and cut just before the flowers open (June to October).  The plant will go on to produce broccoli like side shoots that are also for harvesting - picking regularly will encourage even more shoots.

EAT:  we like to lightly steam our calabrese & enjoy it fresh, the side shoots are perfect for adding to a stir fry. Calabrese can also be frozen – blanch for 2 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack.

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