Cabbage Verbote naturally nurtured seed

Cabbage Verbote naturally nurtured seed

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CABBAGE VERBOTE ~ a delicious dilemma as this lovely savoy can be for the winter or the summer: when will you sow, grow, eat and enjoy it? 20 seeds SOW & GROW: choose July & August sowing for a February/March harvest (Verbote has an artic like tolerance to the cold over the winter). You can sow January to March in modules or pots, after 5/6 weeks plant out under cloches and your harvest could start as early as May and on into the summer. Allow 40-45cm between the plants. Remove the cloches as the weather warms in spring. Keep an eye out for cabbage white butterflies (we net our cabbages to keep unwanted visitors away). EAT: We prefer to steam our cabbage but you can cook it in boiling water. To Freeze – shred or cut, blanch for 1 minute, plunge into cold water and drain

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