Cabbage Savoy Perfection

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Sweet, crinkled, mild and tender leaves form tightly wrapped drumhead type hearts.  Savoy Perfection is a short stemmed heirloom variety that in optimum conditions can weigh in at 3kg but is generally a little smaller than this.  Perfect for eating fresh or cooked, from a harvest starting in late summer.  Price for 20 seeds. 

SOW & GROW: from March to May, starting in pots or modules at 10-15mm deep and planting out when large enough to handle after hardening off.  Space at 30-40cm apart.  Ready to harvest from August

EAT: a perfect choice for eating fresh in slaw or salad or indeed for cooking.  These can be stored in a frost-free place for a number of weeks (just keep an eye on them) but this variety will freeze well & be ready to use as needed.

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