Cabbage Stonehead F1

Cabbage Stonehead F1

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It is the lovely solid heads that give Stonehead its name. It is a good choice for close planting if you have limited space as they are compact plants.  They are have a good flavour and they are resistant to splitting. Price for 20 seeds

CABBAGE STONEHEAD F1 ~ solid heads with a lovely flavour, resistant to splitting, a good choice for a small space          20 seeds

SOW & GROW: at any time between March and July for cutting from June through to October; making this a good choice for successional sowing.  Start in modules or pots (seed depth 10-15mm) and plant out about 5/6 weeks after sowing, when large enough to handle.  Close spacing will give you smaller heads.  Cut the cabbages as you need them (allow 14-16 weeks before first cutting). 

EAT: store in a poly bag for up to a week in a fridge.  We prefer to steam our cabbage but you can cook it in boiling water.  To Freeze – shred or cut, blanch for 1 minute, plunge into cold water and drain.

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