Cabbage Spring Hero F1

Cabbage Spring Hero F1


Spring Hero F1 is simply a fabulous spring ballhead: enjoy the firm, round, mid-green heads with a crisp creamy white heart in April. Simply sow in August, transplant in October and wait for your sweet & tasty spring feast! Price for 20 seeds.

SOW: start seeds in August, about 10-15mm deep using modules or pots OR in a well prepared seed bed.  

GROW: when large enough to handle, 6-8 weeks, harden off and plant out about 35-45cm apart.  Protect if the weather turns bad after transplanting but once settled they are fine on their own.  You can fertilize in early spring to encourage growth. 

EAT: try tearing your cabbage, place in a baking dish, drizzle with olive oil and season with herbs or salt & pepper, cover with foil and bake (200C) for 20 minutes, stirring in a dash of balsamic vinegar then bake uncovered for about 20 minutes more – simply delicious. 

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