Cabbage Sabrosa F1

Cabbage Sabrosa F1

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A fabulous savoy, not widely available, that has the advantage of forming an early full firm heart (dense, fine texture, superior quality) this means that it can be cut from a small head right up to large size giving a really long harvest period: sowing April to the end of June can give you a harvest from August to the end of the following April.  Price for 20 seeds.

SOW: from April to end of June, starting in pots or modules at 10-15mm deep.  You can also sow in a seed bed at this time of year.  They will take 5/6 weeks before the next stage.

GROW: harden off & plant out when they have 5/6 true leaves.  Place them with the lowest leaves at soil level, firm in well and water.  Sabrosa cabbages will need space so allow 50-60cm between plants for mature size.  You can put them closer if you plan to harvest some of them young which will create space for the others to grow on

EAT: enjoy classic savoy leaves that are very wrinkly that can be harvested from August to the following April. Shred and steam or braise wedges. 

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