Cabbage Red Express

Cabbage Red Express

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A brilliant choice for the earliest sowings (from February with protection), perfect for gardeners impatient to get growing, perfect for very cold areas and growing into perfect compact solid deliciousness.  Red Express can also be spaced closely, just 15cm apart, for a mini veg so perfect for small gardens too.  Price for 20 seeds. 

SOW: from February to May (early sowings need protection).  Start in modules at 10-15mm deep and transplant when they have 2 sets of true leaves.

GROW: use cloches to protect your transplants whilst they settle in.  Space these at 30-35cm apart for full size heads or, for mini cabbages for early picking, you can space them as close as 15cm.  An early sowing for mini veg can be cut in April/May, full size heads can be harvested through into August

EAT: simply thinly sliced & steamed for 8 minutes & enjoy a delicious portion with all the flavour, goodness & colour that you could wish for from home-grown veg

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