Cabbage Kalibos


This is a stunning heirloom variety with a red heart, a perfect salad cabbage for enjoying in fresh homemade coleslaw. Kalibos is an East European heirloom variety that was only recently introduced to the UK. It has unique pointed red hearts – an absolute stunner. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: at 10-15mm seed during April/May in modules or pots.  Cabbages can also be sown in a seed bed.

GROW: plant out about 5/6 weeks after sowing.  Changing the spacing between the plants will give you different sized cabbages.  Close spacing will give you smaller heads and ‘greens’.  Cut the cabbages as you need them.

EAT: the perfect choice for salads.  Kalibos is a pointed cabbage with distinctive red leaves; it looks and tastes fantastic in homemade coleslaw.  You can let it form hearts or cut early as ‘greens’ with a second flush of growth to follow.

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