Cabbage Evergreen F1

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Evergreen is a lovely variety that is slow to heart: tiptop flavour and lots of leafy greens fresh from your spring & summer garden.   Price for 20 seeds

SOW: using modules from mid-January to August (first harvest possible in mid-April). You can also sow in October or November but these would need to be grown under glass.  Seeds need to be 10-15mm deep (about a fingernail) and for summer sowing you can use modules or a seed bed to start them off.

GROW: when they have 5/6 true leaves, transplant them settling them with their lowest leaves at soil level.  Firm in well and water.  For spring greens the spacing is much closer than you would normally use – just 10-15cm apart leaving enough space between rows to weed

EAT:  cut and cook as needed to enjoy these lovely greens.

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