Cabbage Elisa F1

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Superb summer variety (harvesting from June to the end of October), an AGM winner with one of the widest sowing windows of any cabbage (February to July).  Its delightfully sweet round heads hold well for weeks & rarely split.  You can also choose to grow this compact variety for a quicker crop of mini heads.   Price for 20 seeds. 

SOW: 10-15mm deep.  For the earliest crops sow with protection in February and March (to give a June/July harvest time).  From March to July you can sow in a seedbed (although we tend to use modules).

GROW: when large enough to handle (after 6-8 weeks) harden off and plant out spacing 30-40cm apart.  Cut the cabbages as needed.  Heads reach full size in about 16-20weeks but can be cropped earlier as minis; if you just want mini heads then plants can be grown closer together

EAT: during the warmer months Elisa makes a sweet addition to salads, also tasty when stir fried or steamed

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