Cabbage Cour Di Beu naturally nurtured seed

Cabbage Cour Di Beu naturally nurtured seed

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CABBAGE COUR DI BEU ~ superb quality cabbage; the light green tender hearts are well wrapped and full of flavour 20 seeds SOW: in March and April and into May in mild areas. We like to start the seeds in modules or pots to give them some tender loving care away from garden pests! GROW: Harden off and plant out about 5/6 weeks after sowing. Allow 45-50cm between plants when you pop them into their final position in your garden. Cut the cabbages as you need them from September through to November. EAT: Store in a poly bag for up to a week in a fridge. We prefer to steam our cabbage but you can cook it in boiling water. To Freeze – shred or cut, blanch for 1 minute, plunge into cold water and drain, pack into portions.

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