Brussels Sprouts Montgomery F1

Brussels Sprouts Montgomery F1

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BRUSSELS SPROUTS MONTGOMERY F1 ~ this is a sturdy growing British bred variety producing lots of milder flavoured sprouts. 15 seeds SOW: in March/April, starting them in modules or pots. When they reach about 15cm tall they need to be hardened off and planted out (in about May/June time) GROW: Plant into firm soil and space at 60-90cm, closer spacing will create smaller sprouts. Use the space between them to grow fast maturing or cut and come again crops. If your garden is windy be prepared to stake your Brussels. In mid-summer they will appreciate a dose of general fertiliser. EAT: harvest from December to February by picking the lowest buttons first and working your way up! At the end the sprout tops can be eaten as greens (delicious). Choose small sprouts for freezing.

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