Brussels Sprouts Bedford Darkmar 21

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Bedford Darkmar is a lovely open pollinated variety with a classic flavour.  By harvesting the lower sprouts first, you can enjoy a steady supply without them all maturing at the same time.  We think they are best before they exceed an inch in size and can be harvested from November to the end of January     Price for 15 seeds. 

SOW: from mid Feb to end April to crop from November through to January.  Start them in modules or pots, sowing 10-15mm deep, and when they are about 10cm tall (or have 5/6 leaves) harden them off

GROW:   plant into firm soil and space at least 60cm apart.  Use the space between them to grow fast maturing or cut-&- come again crops.  If your garden is windy be prepared to stake your Brussels (these can be 75cm top heavy plants).  In mid-summer they will enjoy a dose of general fertiliser.

EAT: cut a cross in the base of each sprout before cooking so that heat can get into the core.  We steam ours for 7-10 minutes (depending on the size).  Any large sprouts can be cut in half and braised in the oven.

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