Brussels Sprouts Brigitte F1

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Brigitte F1 is an excellent variety with super flavoured medium sized tight buttons.  These stay in tip-top condition so you can harvest from October to Christmas.  Each plant can give you up to 2kg of sprouts so plenty to enjoy from these compact plants (up to 80cm/2½ft).  Price for 15 seeds

SOW: in modules or pots, 10-15mm deep, from March to the end of May. When they are about 15cm tall harden off & transplant (use cloches to protect if necessary)

GROW:  plant into firm soil and space at 75-90cm, closer spacing will create smaller sprouts.  Use the space between them to grow fast maturing or cut and come again crops.  Brigitte is up to 80cm tall and should only need staking in the windiest of places.  In mid-summer they will appreciate a dose of general fertiliser. 

EAT: pick the lowest buttons first from each plant as soon as they reach the size you want and work your way up to the top over several weeks.  To Freeze – sort by size, blanch, cool down, pack into portions and freeze.  Cook from frozen until just tender.


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