Adzuki Bean naturally nurtured seed

Adzuki Bean naturally nurtured seed


Adzuki beans have been cultivated for several thousand years and are a familiar sight in the far east. Almost as nutritious as Edamame beans they have an unusual, slightly sweet flavour. Start them in April for planting out in May or grow in pots on the patio or in the conservatory. The yellow flowers are followed by clusters of smooth short pods. The pods and the seeds can be harvested. The plants are short (50-60cm) but strong growing and unless your plot is very windy they will not need support. The pods can be harvested as tender green beans if picked when the beans are just showing in the pod (picking every week to maintain production). For use as a dry bean the pods need to be harvested when they are ripe but before they shatter – pull up the whole plant and finish drying in a well ventilated place – soak the beans for an hour or so before cooking. You can also pop your bean harvest like corn or grow your beans for use as bean sprouts. Price for 50 seeds £0.75

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