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Aintree is an AGM winner and is British bred.  This is a runner bean that copes really well hot weather, producing bright red flowers and setting reliably throughout the summer.  Look forward to a big yield of tasty fresh sweet beans   Price for 24 seeds


SOW: from April indoors, from mid-May to July you can sow outside.  The easiest thing is to use pots, fill with compost, push the seed down 5cm (about the 2nd knuckle of your index finger), give the pot a little shake to fill the hole.  We sit the pots on capillary matting or a sand bed to keep them moist but not waterlogged.  Outdoors use the same sowing depth. Harden of for 7-10 days before planting out after frost danger has passed


GROW:  your runners like rich soil so try to dig in organic matter early in the spring where you are going to be planting them, they will appreciate the extra boost. For bean rows set plants about 25-30cm apart, 1 per cane.  You will need to water your beans regularly, particularly as they start to develop flowers, is a lack of moisture that is one of the main reasons why setting, even for Aintree, can drop away. A liquid feed applied every 14 days will also help to maximise your crop.


Pinching out the growing tips once they reach the top of their canes will divert their energy into producing beans rather than growing even taller!  And regular picking (even if your freezer is full) will prompt them to keep producing more flowers meaning yet more fresh beans for you!


EAT: fresh runner beans are truly a highlight of the year; we eat as many fresh as we can and freeze as many as we can so that we can continue to enjoy these through the winter.  Runner beans are one of the most productive crops for the space they need that you can grow in your garden.

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