Runner Bean Achievement

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RUNNER BEAN ACHIEVEMENT ~ this is a very popular red flowered variety, a gardener’s favourite. It is later cropping than most and produces long smooth pods. Tasty and high yielding. 24 seeds SOW: in late spring after frost danger has passed. We like to start runners in pots and plant out when they show signs of wanting to climb after hardening off. You can plant them in situ but put your canes in place first! They like rich soil so if you are able to dig in organic matter early in the spring the beans will appreciate the extra boost. GROW: Runners like a cane each, you may need to encourage them to twine but they soon get the hang of it. You can pinch out the first growing tip when 25cm high to encourage more bushy growth. They are insect pollinated – the insects prefer shelter from wind. They like to be watered at the base in dry weather. Achievement will take your harvest right up to the first frosts in October. EAT: Keep picking and the beans will keep coming. We like to pick our beans when they are young. Fresh beans to the plate are a flavour to savour – we have been known to eat a bowl full with a dash of lemon juice! All Runner Beans freeze very well – slice and bag into meal sized amounts.

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