Baby Leaf Oriental Salad Mix

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BABY LEAF ORIENTAL SALAD MIX~ enjoy Mibuna, Mizuna, Mustard Leaves Pizzo & Red Zest, White Pak choi and Tatsoi all in one space for a sumptuous salad sufficient seeds for 2 normal seed trays  


SOW & GROW: at almost any time of the year on a windowsill or in a greenhouse, from May to September you can sow outside: seed depth 5mm, keep roots moist in dry weather.  You can sow a pinch in a pot every week to give you a meal at a time or sow into 10cm pots – each pot will give you 2-4 portions (it all depends on just how much salad you eat in one sitting!)  Fast growing and ready for eating in about 4 weeks in the summer (allow longer to grow during late autumn to early spring)


EAT: simply snip with scissors, a quick rinse and your salad is ready.  These should resprout and give you even more from a small space

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