Red Carpet (Baby Leaf Mustard)

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Red Carpet displays its rich red right from the first growth: stems, cotyledons and leaves are striking and start mild with a little more pepper to their flavour as they grow. Price for 150 seeds

SOW: in the open between April and August where you are wanting them to grow and just cover the seeds.  Apart from the coldest part of the winter you can also sow and grow these with protection for cool season use

GROW: it just grows!  Use them for cut-&-come-again cropping, it will resprout several times.  Keep watered in very dry weather, ready to harvest after 6-8 weeks, a little longer at cooler times of the year. 

EAT: milder when young (perfect for salads), larger leaves are more peppery and can be stir fried.  They go very well with red meat (i.e. beef) and burgers & sausages.

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