Red Ruble (Baby Leaf Kale)

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From its very first leaves Red Ruble produces intense dark wine-red serrated leaves.  A perfect babyleaf ready from 6 weeks, full of tasty goodness (with ten times the iron content of other kales), indeed the colour fades as the growth matures so keep picking the little leaves!  This variety can be sown and enjoyed all year round. Price for 100 seeds


SOW: indoors at any time of the year, happy on a window sill and outdoors from spring to autumn. Just lightly cover the seeds – lightly scatter in a seed tray or sow in rows outside.


GROW: These germinate quickly: and you ought to be able to start eating them from about 6 weeks or from about 5cm tall, takes a little longer at cooler times of the year.  You can use them as cut-&-come-again cropping, resprouting several times. You can sow every 2-3 weeks for a continuous supply of the young leaves: this variety can grow into larger plants but you will see that the colour fades away as the plants mature.


EAT: mix with lettuce and other baby leaves to enjoy richly textured and colourful tasty meals

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