Bean French Dwarf Sprite

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DWARF FRENCH BEAN SPRITE 50 seeds. This AGM winner will crop for you during late July to August. This is a pencil podded variety and should be no thicker than this when you pick them. SOW: start these off in pots or modules placed in an unheated greenhouse or even on a window during April or May. You can sow directly into the sol but wait until mid as they really do not like cold soil. You can also sow in June for a later harvest. GROW: Plant out after hardening off when about 15cm tall after all frost danger has passed. Sprite, being a dwarf variety, does not require support. French Beans are self pollinating. They cope well with drier summers EAT: Pick young and cook whole or sliced or leave the pods at the end of the season for drying. They are super in winter casseroles. Sprite is a particularly good choice if you want to freeze some or all of your harvest

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