Dwarf French Bean Borlotto Tintoretto

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The pods of Borlotto Tintoretto are creamy with heavy splashes of rich red; colourful and flavourful they are easy to find amongst the foliage.  This yummy variety is heavy cropping even in unfavourable conditions.  Choose to eat fresh or after drying at the end of the season    Price for 50 seeds


SOW: push seeds 40-50mm deep (about the second joint on your index finger), you can sow 2 seeds per pot if you are tight for space.  Start them from late March through to May, or you can sow direct where they are to grow in May or June


GROW: plant out after hardening off when 10-15cm tall after all frost danger has passed.  This dwarf variety) should not need any support.  They can also be grown in containers, planted around the edge with something tall in the middle.  Dwarf French beans are also very useful for shading lettuces in the summer by interplanting.  French Beans are self-pollinating.  They cope well with warmer and drier summers whilst withstanding dips in the weather.


EAT: pick the coloured pods when young and cook whole or sliced, they are delicious, or allow them to swell & shell for fresh beans.  Leave the pods on the plants at the end of the season for drying to use in winter stews.  All French beans freeze well too.

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