Beetroot Solo F1

Beetroot Solo F1

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BEETROOT SOLO F1 ~ AGM winning British bred mono-germ variety with a lovely sweet flavour 50 seeds SOW & GROW: in the open at about 2cm deep and 10cm apart, from April to July or start them under cloches or in a poly tunnel from February. You can pre-soak the seed in warm water for an hour before sowing, this can help to speed germination in cool soils. Pull for baby beets once they reach the size you like. Make several sowings for a continuous supply. This mono-germ variety will not need as much thinning – especially if sown sparingly! Keep weed free and try not to let the soil dry out. EAT: lovely and sweet grated or sliced into salads. You can also serve them hot with a sauce. To Freeze – cook until tender, rinse, drain and dry, peel and cut off roots, freeze small beets whole, slice or dice larger ones.

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