Beetroot Lutz naturally nurtured seed


Beetroot Lutz naturally nurtured seed

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BEETROOT LUTZ ~ lovely heirloom with sweet roots, top choice for storage, can also be grown for tasty greens         50 seeds


SOW: make several sowings: from March (with protection) and in the open from April to July.  Pop in the seeds at about 1-2cm deep. August and September sowings will need protection later. Sow under cover at other times (for greens).  For baby greens sow seeds close together.


GROW: beet seeds are actually a cluster and will need thinning.  You can pull some for use when young & leave the rest to grow on.  Allow plenty of space if you want to try Lutz as larger roots. 


EAT: the sweetnens makes this a great choice for salads or for roasting or braising. For best storage cut off the greens 5cm above the top of the beet & keep frost free.

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