Beetroot Crosby’s Egyptian

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Crosby’s Egyptian has a lovely rich flavour, smooth skinned and a flattened heart shape. These beets grow above ground so are easy to pull. You can also use the abundant glossy green tops as greens. Bred by Josiah Crosby in the late 1800s it is not related to Egyptian Flat but does share the characteristics of earliness and bolt resistance: a highly regarded heirloom. Price for 50 seeds

SOW & GROW: in the open at about 10-20mm deep, from mid-March to July. Make several sowings for a continuous supply. Beet seeds are in fact a cluster and will need thinning, alternatively pull some for use when young & leave the rest to grow on. Keep weed free and try not to let the soil dry out. Ready for harvest from 9-14 weeks from sowing.

EAT: eat cooked, hot or cold. Raw beetroot can be scrubbed, peeled if necessary, then thinly sliced or grated. The abundant glossy green tops can be cooked as greens. First records of growing are from 1869, first seed was sold in 1880 hence its status as an heirloom variety.

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