Broad Bean Stereo

Broad Bean Stereo

£1.50 / pack(s)

This is unusual in that it produces small pods with about 5 beans in each. However the flavour is simply outstanding, these are very high quality beans. Pick early as ‘mangetout pods’ or leave for the tasty beans to develop. 40 seeds

SOW: in February to April for harvest in June to August time. Later sowings in May and June will also crop well. We start all our beans in modules and then plant out, you can sow them in situ if the soil is not waterlogged and protect with cloches while they get going. Late sowings are fine in the open.

GROW: if pot sown grow on and plant out when about 15cm tall. We grow our beans in triple rows which do seem to help keep the taller varieties standing on their own even on a windy site; Stereo grows to about 90cm. They have a compact upright habit which also makes them a good choice for container growing.

EAT: When in full flower the tops can be pinched out for use as greens. This will restrict the height. Pick when the beans begin to show before the pods are too large. Fresh broad beans from the garden are a taste not to be missed. If eating the pods as ‘mangetout’ they will only need lightly steaming. To Freeze – shell, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack into portions.

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