Broad Bean Masterpiece Longpod

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This AGM winning variety grows well in all conditions, hardy almost everywhere in the UK, reliable and popular choice. The plants can grow to 90cm tall but if you have an exposed garden simply nip out the tops as soon as four clusters of flowers are showing. Eat the tops as greens while the plants put their energy into producing excellently flavoured beans (look forward to up to 7 beans per pod), some say they are the best, they freeze well too. Autumn or spring sow. Price for 40 seeds  

SOW: in spring or autumn (hardy almost everywhere in the UK).  We start all our beans in modules and then plant out, you can sow them in situ and protect with cloches while they get going.  Late sowings are fine in the open.  This variety can also be sown in the autumn: in colder areas young plants will need fleece or cloche protection over the winter.

GROW: if pot sown grow on and plant out when about 15cm tall.  We grow our beans in triple rows which do seem to help keep even the taller varieties upright.  If need be pop in a strong stake at each corner and wind string right around the patch as the plants grow.

EAT: When in full flower the tops can be pinched out for use as greens. This will restrict the height.  Pick when the beans begin to show before the pods are too large.  Fresh broad beans from the garden are a taste not to be missed.  To Freeze – shell, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack into portions.

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