Aubergine Kaberi F1

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With Kaberi you can grow a crop of baby sized aubergines which are just a little larger than an egg.  They have glossy dark purple skins and a splendid flavour.  These plants are compact and will not need staking, indeed they are perfect for pots and containers as they are both ornamental and delicious.  Price for 10 seeds. 

SOW: in early spring about 5mm deep, barely cover the seeds and keep in a warm place, preferably in a propagator.  Pot on when large enough and keep in good light and warm at night. Allow 2 weeks to harden off. 

GROW: only plant out when all danger of frost has passed – in a greenhouse or a warm, sheltered spot on a patio.  They like high humidity and regular watering.  This dwarf variety is best suited to pots or containers.  As with all aubergines you will get better fruit set by hand pollination.  When the fruits start to develop feed with a tomato fertiliser every 2 weeks.  Protect from frost in the autumn while the last fruits are finishing

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