Aubergine Berenjena De Almagro

Aubergine Berenjena De Almagro

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AUBERGINE DE ALMAGRO ~ very special and rarely for sale outside of Spain, dark green fruit almost covered by the calyx leaves. A good choice for cooler climes. 10 seeds SOW: Early spring (March) indoors, preferably in a propagator. Pot on when about 5cm high and keep in good light and warm at night. If you can provide winter warmth (15°C) you can start sow in November and overwinter the young plants. GROW: Plant out when all danger of frost has passed – in a greenhouse, or a sunny sheltered position. They prefer higher humidity so try to place water next to them for constant evaporation. Nip out the main stem when about 25cm high to encourage side shoots. Also remove fruits from the main stem. When the fruits start to develop feed with a tomato fertiliser every 2 weeks. Protect from frost in the autumn while the last fruits are finishing. HARVEST: when immature: the smaller the better

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