Aubergine De Barbentane

Aubergine De Barbentane

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AUBERGINE DE BARBENTANE ~ French variety: medium sized dark, glossy, well flavoured early fruit. 10 seeds SOW: from February to the end of May; best started in a propagator. Pot on when about 5cm high, keep warm at night and in good light during the day. GROW: They are earlier to fruit when grown in good light in a greenhouse. This variety also is very happy in large pots or grow-bags. Aubergines like rich soil, warmth and high humidity; it can help to put water next to them if you can. You can encourage side shoots by nipping out the main stem when about 25cm tall. When the fruits start to develop feed with a tomato fertiliser every 2 weeks, keeping the plants well watered. Protect from frost in the autumn while the last fruits are finishing.

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