Aubergine Clara F1

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Clara F1 is the most egg-like looking aubergine around (they are known as eggplants after all).  This variety can be sown as early as November if you are able to grow on with warmth but for most home gardeners sow from January to April.  Although best grown in a greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory Clara will grow and fruit in a sunny and sheltered spot in your garden.   Price for 10 seeds


SOW: space the seeds 2cm apart in a seed tray or two to a module at 5mm deep, cover lightly with compost and keep warm at 20°C. If you can keep these warm you can sow as early as November otherwise Jan-April. As soon as two full leaves have developed, pot up to individual pots. Grow on and plant in grow-bags or large pots. Plants can be transplanted outside in a sunny sheltered spot after all danger of frost has passed


GROW: pinch out tips at 45cm, plants may benefit from support. Water well and mist flowers to help fruit set Once first flowers have set, feed and water regularly with tomato feed. Harvest regularly to encourage further flower and fruit production. Watch out for the calyx, it can be prickly and painful


EAT: ready July onwards, harvest size 15-20cm long, 10-12cm diameter, very popular variety for Asian recipes

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