Aubergine Bonica F1

Aubergine Bonica F1

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AUBERGINE BONICA F1 ~ AGM winning compact bushy variety with large shiny purple fruits 10 seeds SOW: in early spring (March) indoors, preferably in a propagator. Pot on when about 5cm high and keep in good light and warm at night. GROW: Plant out when all danger of frost has passed – in a greenhouse or a warm, sheltered spot on a patio. They like high humidity – try to place water next to them for constant evaporation. Bonica is well suited to pots or containers reaching about 70cm high and with a spread of about 50cm. When the fruits start to develop feed with a tomato fertiliser every 2 weeks & keep the plants well watered. Protect from frost in the autumn while the last fruits are finishing. EAT: Bonica is lovely roasted or baked with minimal oil retaining their flavour when soft and tender.

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