Artichoke Imperial Star naturally nurtured seed

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This is an improved variety of the usual green globe that produces much heavier crops and can get going much more rapidly. This variety can flower in the first year if the seed is chilled before sowing, otherwise it will flower in the second year onwards. Price for 6 seeds.

SOW: Chill seeds before sowing in moist seed compost in an unheated greenhouse/coldframe in late winter/early spring or outside in early to mid-spring.

GROW: Harden off and plant out in late spring/early summer time about 60cm apart. Dig in well-rotted organic matter before planting and apply a general fertiliser. Water well after planting and in dry weather. Remove flowers in the first year so that the plants can establish.

LONG TERM CARE: harvest in the summer when the scales are tightly closed, cut the terminal bud first (with about 5cm of stem) and then the others when large enough. Once the scales begin to open they become inedible! In mild areas retain stems and leaves for frost protection, otherwise remove and earth up in winter & cover with ferns or straw for added protection (uncover in spring). Mulch in spring - you can apply a high potash fertiliser when plants are actively growing.

Pollinating insects will be very happy if you leave one flower bud to open fully while harvesting the rest.

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