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The lovely fresh flavours will sing on your taste buds!  Perfect for salads or for cooking, perfect for growing in the warmer months of the year: slow to bolt, fresh and tasty.  With every mouthful packed full of goodness and flavour these three varieties perfectly sum up the pleasure of home-grown food.  This collection contains one packet (50 seeds) each of...


Banjo F1 ~ flavoursome slightly crinkled leaves.  Highly mildew resistant & really quite bolt resistant too. Enjoy small leaves as a tasty addition to salads and steam whole leaves from mature plants for winter deliciousness          

Matador ~ this AGM winner features rich flavour from its deep green succulent leaves. Sow half now and the rest in 3 weeks for a summer of heirloom deliciousness.

Trombone F1 ~ smooth, tender, & tasty leaves are ideal as a baby leaf ingredient for your summer salads or, with a wider spacing, grow on to a larger size to enjoy even more of that flavour!

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Spinach Banjo F1
1 set(s)
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Spinach Matador naturally nurtured seed
1 piece(s)
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Spinach Trombone F1
1 pack(s)
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