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June is the true start to the season for oriental varieties…add the flavours from far off places to your summer meals: many of these perfect salad varieties can be grown on and be cooked for even more tasty options.  This selection contains one packet each of...


Chinese Amaranth Passion ~ each fresh green leaf is liberally doused with a rich plum red, a true bi-colour.  For a cut-and-come-again salad crop, start picking when they reach 10cm tall.  Picking just above a leaf will encourage your plants to bush out quickly to be picked again and again. Larger leaves can be steamed, stir-fried or added to soup. (100 seeds)

Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok ~ an Asian heirloom variety with light green leaves on barrel shaped heads. Wong Bok is very fast: ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks and ready for use as cut-and-come-again after just 4-5 weeks!  Use in salads, steam lightly or pop in a stir fry.      (20 seeds)

Komatsuna Comred F1 ~ tasty rich ruby red leaves and contrasting green stems. Use these in salads and sandwiches.  Mature leaves can be shredded into a stir fry or steamed.  Flavorsome and nutritious.  (40 seeds)

Minutina ~ striking narrow leafed clumps - the succulent, crunchy leaves are best when harvested young, and taste a little like a parsley/spinach/kale combo, but sweeter and nuttier. (100 seeds)

Pak Choi Green Revolution ~ upright, bolt resistant, tasty…can be grown as a mini veg (spaced at 15cm), these mini heads make perfect single potions cut in half and braised, larger heads can be sliced up.  The baby leaves are lovely in a salad.   The stems and flowering shoots are also yummy edibles (50 seeds).

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Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok
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Chinese Amaranth Passion (bicolour)
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1 piece(s)
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Komatsuna Comred F1
1 piece(s)
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Oriental Pak Choi Green Revolution F1
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