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A summer highlight is the wonderful array of fresh homegrown food and now you can add fabulous butterhead lettuces to your harvest.  This collection contains one packet each of...


Bronze Mignonette ~ this colourful heirloom, with emerald and bronze frilly leaves, is both delicious and crisp.  It is happy growing in the heat of summer and can cope with drier soils. (75 seeds)

Roxy ~ delightful, tasty Roxy features rumpled, bronze tipped leaves. An AGM winning variety that is bolt resistant and well suited to spring, summer and autumn growing (75 seeds)

Tom Thumb ~ small firm hearts with an excellent flavour, this butterhead earns its keep: you can grow this in the smallest of spaces for a sumptuous feast plus cut off your first picking and enjoy a second flush of growth  (75 seeds).

This includes the following individual products

Lettuce Bronze Mignonette (butterhead)
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)
Lettuce Roxy (butterhead) naturally nurtured seed
1 piece(s)
£0.90 / 1 piece(s)
Lettuce Tom Thumb (butterhead)
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)

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